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focus on opportunitiesThis is one of my favorite lessons I have learned about small business success.

Focus on Opportunities

Why do I love this so much? because it is the key to success.

The real key to having a successful small business is to solve a need people have.

You could have the very best raincoat ever made but if your audience lives in the dessert without rain, then you are not really solving a need.

This is where this lesson comes in so huge for me.

To quote T harv Eker:

“Rich people see opportunities; poor people see obstacles. Rich people see potential growth; poor people see potential loss. Rich people focus on rewards; the poor focus on risk.”

In every one of these quotes from T Harv Eker you can replace poor people with non-successful Small business owners and you get the idea.

If something comes along and you see it as an obstacle you have the wrong mindset. If you look closely at what it is, ask yourself what problem is this really associated with, and then you find a way to solve that problem, now you have turned it into an opportunity.

In order to be successful you have to be able to see what the potential is in something that may look bad. What can you do to turn this to something positive and help others, and then how can you deliver this solution. Odds are other people have the same problem and you are just solving the problem for them.

Success comes from identifying and solving the problems people need addressed.

So what is your problem you are solving and how can you ensure it is addressed effectively?


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