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I had scheduled a business call this afternoon so I stopped at rest stop around the time of the call so I could be focused on the call and not do it while driving.IMG_0587

I stopped a little before hand and decided since I was there what adventure could I have after I was done with the call.

Amazingly, although this is normal when you open up to letting this happen as they should, I was 10 minutes from the Petroglyph National Monument.

I quickly cruised over there, only time find out they were about to close the main park.

Explaining my situation they recommended I exit the park before my call, and then go to Piedras Marcadas Canyon Trail.

This was a branch of the national monument that was open to anyone at any time.

So I completed by call and headed on over.

I had an absolutely beautiful hike in this pristine area totally surrounded by housing development that you could barely see from the main section of the park.

The big lesson I took away from this is also the lesson of DisneyLand in California.

Both had something special (petroglyphs and Disney’s dream for a park).

The National Park service recognized that these were special places of ancient value, so they protected the parts that mattered. In the parks case society invaded, but because they thought ahead the petroglyphs were protected.

In the case of Disneyland, Disney’s investors didn’t want to buy more land around the park, and now society has invaded and boxed in the space so much there is no room for Disneyland to expand. (A Problem fixed in florida as Disney secretly, using multiple different companies, bought up all the land around his proposed park to prevent this from happening again.

So when you know you have something special, preserve it, not just it but give yourself cushion around it as well (this could be land, copywrites, etc)

Planning to be big from the beginning helps to ensure you can be as you grow.


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