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This bit of baggage awareness did not come from the roadtrip but instead came from me following my gut last night.candy-crush-combos-300x214

For some reason I had a gut feeling I should go into my phone and delete all the mindless matching games like Candy Crush, etc.

So I did, just went in and deleted them all.

This was not the biggest deal, but what was most fascinating to me was just how many times after that I just mindlessly grabbed my phone and swiped to the page where they used to be.

It would happen when I was bored watching a show, finished a chapter of a a book I was reading, when i was dealing with some personal reflections that were not feeling so good, etc.

This awareness of just how quickly, easily and mindlessly I would go to some brain dead activity was actually frightening.

I am not keep tracking any time I do it to see what triggers by desire to go mindless.

Using what had become a truly mindless activity to become more mindful is a very powerfull experience.

So I challenge all of you to delete your mindless games (release that mindless pbaggage) from your phone, tablet, etc and become mindful about why you want to escape to the mindlessness.

it can be very transformative.


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